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Via parks and bungalows each bungalow tells its own story, or you can look on the park map. At Wolferswoud and Vossenveen you will fully experience the nature and its blossom, either in the area or from your own bungalow. For example with an attractive package. In the beautiful and inviting bungalow parks in the Achterhoek you will find comfortable and detached bungalows on a big piece of land (1000 m2). The neighbours won’t be able to see you when you are eating outside, or interrupt you when you want some peace and quiet. The bungalows are situated in the middle of nature; squirrels, hares, rabbits and pheasants:  you’ll come across them every day. Would you like to buy a holiday bungalow on one of our parks? Have a look at our offers. 

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